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Digitize and create your operating guides from your 3D, in a simple, intuitive and secure way. 

Export them, via tablets, where your operators need them, to guide them in the assembly of your product.

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Une 3D manipulée qui tourne sur elle-même
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AVASMALL la mascotte d'AVA

Create operating guides and broadcast them where you need them has never been easier! 

AVA OP, c'est quoi ?
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Bulle dégradée aux couleurs d'AVA

  No more laborious and time-consuming development of your operating guides 👋

AVA OP is a tool to help create and visualize assembly guides from 3D data fromhe design offices. 

Bring your 3D to the heart of your production.

In complete autonomy, create operating guides from your 3D, anticipate the organization of your production and distribute assembly instructions to operators.

Interface de creation de guide operatoire digitalisé 3D avec animations

3D BOM access

3D manipulation

Stage creation

Added instructions, tools and PPE

Create edit path

cube ava.png

Guide authoring and editing tool

cube ava.png
cube ava.png
cube ava.png
cube ava.png
Interface d'organisation de la production en mode tuto.gif

Assignment of positions and team members

3D visualization of steps

QR code generation

cube ava.png
cube ava.png
cube ava.png

Production organization tool

Tablette avec diffusion des instructions de montage à partir de la 3D, aux operateurs.gif

QR code scanning

Tablet step tracking

3D manipulation

cube ava.png
cube ava.png
cube ava.png

Visualization tool

AVA main strength is to democratize 3D and bring it to production.

Thus, we give operators the ability to better understand how to assemble or maintain their product, to follow the assembly or disassembly steps, the instructions, to replay the trajectories... All this with a Interactive 3Dthat they can handle independently.

Icone appréhension de la 3D
  Apprehension of your 3D 

The tool for viewing your 3D includes a viewer intelligently linked to BOM of your product. Once imported, visualize your 3D and understand its architecture.

Icone outil d'édition intuitif
 editing tool
intuitive 🤩

Access the editing interface, generate steps easily, create trajectories to parts, in a few clicks, and much more. All this, depending on the philosophy of the Methods (hierarchical or linear).

Icone guide clair et concis
 A clear and concise guide 👊

Once finalized, view your operating guide step by step, as if you were in the place of operator.For each step, associate a workstation and one or more team members. Finally, generate the QR Code to make it accessible via a tablet.

How it works ?
Utilisation de tablette avec instructions de montage digitalisées 3D par un opérateur en usine


Icone connexion à AVA


Icone import de la 3D


Icone projet guide opératoire

To log in at AVA


Icone édition de guide opératoire

Edit your operating guide(stage, assembly path, etc.)

Import your 3D and name your project


Icone affectation des guides aux postes et équipiers

Associate workstations and team members depending on the steps

Launch the operating guideof your project


Icone génération de QR code

Generate the QR Code


Icone import de guide sur tablette

Import your guide on aTablet


Icone scan de QR code sur tablette

Scan the QR Code


Icone de tablette avec instructions de montage

follow assembly instructions via tablet

Coming soon to our AVIRIS augmented reality glasses

Follow your guide
on a tablet

Once your guide has been created, the assembly steps are visible on amodular tablet specific to the industrial environmentin which the operators evolve.  They can interact with 3D, go to the next step, replay the scene...

bulle degrade 2.png
Représentation des instructions de montage sur tablette en 3D

AVA OP goes further
thanks to his 
artificial intelligence...

Comment ça marche ?
L'intelligence d'AVA Op
Pouce d'AVASMALL la mascotte d'AVA
The intelligence of AVA OP

We have developed an algorithm AI from your 3D, which allows detect and recognize your coins physically and to ensure the conformity of your assembly. 

At each assembly stage, AVA OP shows you, using the camera, the part to be handled and controls the assembly of your parts as a whole.

cas d usage ava op.png
Use cases
Cas d'usage
BULLE 1.png

You assemble products
custom made ? Your assembly line must be modular and adaptable to the product you are mounting? 

At any time, the operator can change the operating guide depending on the product he has to mount, simply by scanning the QR Code appropriate to his workstation.

BULLE 2.png

Is your product finalized and assembled outside your site, by an intermediary?

Make your operating guides accessible remotely to carry out the assembly of your product.

BULLE 3.png

Do you need to provide a maintenance or repair guide for your product?

Generate a dismantling operating guide and distribute it using a simple QR Code.

BULLE 4.png

Want to save time training your operators? 

With AVA OP, your operators will gain in peace of mind and in productivity. Intuitive, the operating guide will accompany them in all stages of assembly of your product.

Other use cases?

Et demain ?

And tomorrow 💜?

To increase the user experience, AVA works around3 axes: 

bulle degrade 2.png
  AVIRIS augmented glasses
bulle degrade 2.png
Gesture recognition to interact with AVIRIS glasses
bulle degrade 2.png
New features on the Operating Guide application

Get started 🚀, save time creating your operating guides and speed up your time to market!

Lancez-vous !
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