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Proposal of methods

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Elimination of tedious documentation creation phases on unsuitable software: Word, Excel and Powerpoint

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Save time by working directly with your 3D

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Reduced errors by valuing CAD BOM data

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Realization of your operating guides in 3D

Proposal of methods

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Elimination of paper at the workstation

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Access to the 3D of the product by the operators

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Handling at the station and better understanding of the assembly at the station

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Autonomy in assembly, without prior training

Tablette AVA OP avec visualisation des instructions de montage et la 3D manipulable par les opérateurs de production
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Flexible production lines, prototyping phases and off-site assembly.

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Suitable for flexible production lines with product variations and a large number of customizations. The information is accessible at the station and adapts to the assembly of the moment.

Ideal for the prototyping phases of complex products or containing a large number of parts. The creation of plans, exploded views, technical documentation hinders the assembly of the prototype while the parts could be manufactured from 3D. Operators with AVA OP have all the information at the earliest, the prototype realization time does not delay the progress of the project

Very powerful tool to disseminate information in a network, to install, reassemble a product on a remote site. Technicians on the customer site have access to the data and no longer need a paper version that is more complex to read, update and transport.

Interface de la tablette AVA OP avec les instructions de montage et la 3D
Interface d'AVA OP, logiciel de création de guide opératoire digitalisé en 3D
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pictogramme application ava avec un coeur.png
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Industrial start-up, AVA offers solutions for creating and viewing assembly and maintenance guides, from your 3D.

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